·      Greet customer and make them feel welcome
·      Be competent with the POS
·      Taking customer orders, correctly processing and taking payment.  Repeat the order back before completing the transaction
·      The cashier must be familiar with the menu
·      Offering suggestions to help guests order exactly what they want
·      Fast order entry is vital for keeping up with rush periods and avoiding service delays
·      Keep your station well stocked with sufficient change in the cash drawer, spare printer paper available
·      Responsible for your till money.  Count when placing money into the cash drawer.  You will have a till slip completed by the manager counting out the till bag.  Recount your coin and bills to make sure the amounts are accurate.  You will begin your shift with a till count of $100
·      Responsible for all cash, coupons, over-ring receipts, credit card receipts etc.
·      Discounts are adjustment to the item or total price.  Staple coupons to the receipt
·      Voids occur when an order is entered incorrectly
·      Your end of shift count will need to be verified with a manager/supervisor.  Place all money, receipts, till report sheet back into till bag and place in safe.
·      Assist with front end duties as needed such as:  filling napkin dispensers, salt & pepper shakers, filling ICEE machine etc.
·      Assist with cleaning as indicated