Job Opportunities

All Position Qualifications:

·      Team player
·      Dependable
·      Ability to communicate with others
·      Flexible scheduling according to business operations
·      Ability to adapt to change
·      Organization and time management skills
·      Ability to multitask
·      Positive attitude and open to feed back
·      Responsive to supervisor needs
·      Trustworthy

 All Position Essential Functions and Expectations:

·      Be able to stand or walk for up to 8 hours daily
·      Stand in place for longer periods of time
·      Be able to bend and lift as needed up to 50lbs
·      Be able to twist and turn
·      Be able to read and write
·      Willingness to keep restaurant clean and organized
·      Check your weekly schedule and be compliant to showing up for all shifts
·      Notify your manager as soon as possible if you are not going to make your shift, so he/she will have time to fill your position
·      Clock in and out on the POS always at beginning and end of your shift
·      Request time off in advance for days off or vacation time. 
·      Complete a Key Contract if you have been issued a key to your location. 
·      You will be provided with a Taco Treat t-shirt when you are hired.  T-shirts are sold in the store and if you wish to purchase more you have the option of having it taken out of your paycheck.  You will need to complete a payroll deduction form for every time you want to purchase a t-shirt through this method. 


Completed paperwork will be reviewed by the store manager and handed in to the office. 


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» Drive Thru Cashier
» Expediter
» Dishwasher
» Prep Cook
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