·      Visually inspect all food items to ensure every product you serve is of the highest quality
·      Coordinating activities with cooks to serve guests more efficiently
·      Maintaining a safe and clean workplace
·      Follow the FIFO (first in/first out) so the older products go out before the fresher products
·      Ensure proper portioning
·      Call special order and side needs to the cooks
·      Compare prepared items with the screen for accuracy before clearing the screen
·      Call out the order number for customer to pick up order or deliver it to the customer.  Call our numbers clearly and accurately
·      Clean bump bar when the order has been picked up
·      Thank each guest
·      Offer to assist guests with larger orders
·      Keep station stocked with trays, silverware, cups etc.
·      Keep orders moving quickly and accurately
·      Place items on food tray so guests can carry easily
·      Place needed silverware on tray
·      Assist with front end duties that may need to be done such as: filling napkin dispensers, sale &pepper shakers, wiping down dining room
·      Picking up trays that are left behind and wiping down tables (sanitizing)
·      Assist with cleaning as indicated