District Supervisor

The district manager is in charge of multiple stores.  He/she is in charge of the operational practices of corporate owned stores making sure each runs smoothly, is clean and neat, and meets any budget and sales goals and is complying with any marketing promotions.  He/she will interview, hire, coordinate and discipline store managers, and check in on individual stores to make sure the store is stocked, clean and in proper working order.  In addition, this person will need to be familiar with all state and local health department regulations and ensure all stores are compliant with these regulations.  This position will require ServSafe certification.  This person will also be responsible for visiting all Taco Treat stores both corporate owned and franchisees throughout the state and complete a check off list to ensure all stores are following Taco Treat standards.  In addition to these duties, the District Manager will need to be proficient and able to perform all duties of all store positions.


Management Style

·      Be a positive leader
·      Communicate consistently, effectively and fairly
·      Gain trust from your team
·      Don’t show favoritism
·      Set a good example for employees
·      Offer positive reinforcement
·      Remember everything and everyone counts
·      Build trust, provide knowledge, provide positive feedback
·      Counsel employees as needed
·      Address any obvious changes in personality or behavior
·      When in doubt. . . . .ask
·      Respect rights and property of others
·      Create a constructive winning climate for your team
·      Lead your team by providing feedback and recognition
·      Delegate and encourage employees to advance in their position
·      Promote people as deserved
·      Hold people accountable for negative behavior and performance
·      Think before you act.  Get the facts
·      Do not base decisions on second hand information or assumptions
·      Follow up immediately with written feedback and summarize the action plan
·      Be clean and concise