General Store Supervisor

The manager will be responsible for his/her individual store.  All store managers will be required to be ServSafe food certified, as mandated by the City County Health Department.


Management Style

·      Be a positive leader
·      Communicate consistently, effectively and fairly
·      Gain trust from your team
·      Don’t show favoritism
·      Set a good example for employees
·      Offer positive reinforcement
·      Remember everything and everyone counts
·      Build trust, provide knowledge, provide positive feedback
·      Counsel employees as needed
·      Address any obvious changes in personality or behavior
·      When in doubt. . . . .ask
·      Respect rights and property of others
·      Create a constructive winning climate for your team
·      Lead your team by providing feedback and recognition
·      Delegate and encourage employees to advance in their position
·      Promote people as deserved
·      Hold people accountable for negative behavior and performance
·      Think before you act.  Get the facts
·      Do not base decisions on second hand information or assumptions
·      Follow up immediately with written feedback and summarize the action plan
·      Be clean and concise


·      Organization and time management skills required
·      Understanding of day to day operations of the building
·      Staff hiring and firing
·      Complete weekly schedule. 
·      Verify and print pay roll.  Turn into office every other Monday
·      Cover shifts as indicated – find replacements as needed
·      Knowledge and staff training for all positions, monitoring employees of their position
·      Staff education
·      New hire paperwork
·      Monitor employee time punches to ensure correct payroll
·      Have knowledge of all products to be ordered such as food, paper products, to go packaging and chemicals
·      Be able to order adequate quantity of items for store to operate efficiently – frequency will be determined by your Sysco representative
·      Understand and train on POS (point of sale)
·      Know all recipes and procedures for cooking recipes
·      Ensure cleanliness and neatness of interior and exterior of store, do daily walks inside and outside, see your business as a customer sees it, so important
·      Monthly inventory
·      Control and monitor food portioning
·      Daily money counting and daily bank deposits
·      Communicate with vendors
·      Monitor labor percentages
·      Monitor food costs
·      Ensure all required staff have alcohol serving certification – anyone caught serving a minor will lose their job
·      Complete separation form when employee either quits or is terminated. 
·      Knowledge of Health Department regulations and ensure they are being followed
·      During slow times, have everyone do extra cleaning
·      Dependable, trustworthy, punctual and always set a good example
·      Knowledge of all employee manuals including policies and procedures
·      Be available to answer questions and problem solve for all employees
·      Determine and be responsible for employee raises.  See Appendix S for raise increase form
·      Attend corporate meetings
·      Attend training as needed
·      In addition to this list of duties, the manager is also responsible for all duties listed under the Shift Supervisor