Shift Leader

The Shift Supervisor will be the designated in charge person when  the manager is not present. 


Management Style

·      Be a positive leader
·      Communicate consistently, effectively and fairly
·      Gain trust from your team
·      Don’t show favoritism
·      Set a good example for employees
·      Offer positive reinforcement
·      Remember everything and everyone counts
·      Build trust, provide knowledge, provide positive feedback
·      Counsel employees as needed
·      Address any obvious changes in personality or behavior
·      When in doubt. . . . .ask
·      Respect rights and property of others
·      Create a constructive winning climate for your team
·      Lead your team by providing feedback and recognition
·      Delegate and encourage employees to advance in their position
·      Promote people as deserved
·      Hold people accountable for negative behavior and performance
·      Think before you act.  Get the facts
·      Do not base decisions on second hand information or assumptions
·      Follow up immediately with written feedback and summarize the action plan
·      Be clean and concise


·      Supervisors follow the direction of Store Manager
·      Cover any call ins – find replacement if indicated
·      Pitch in and help when necessary
·      Supervises all employees in their position during a shift
·      Proficient in all positions so can pitch in where needed
·      Know all recipes and procedures for cooking recipes
·      Make sure stations are set up and stocked adequately
·      Ensure food quality
·      Make sure store is controlled and running smoothly
·      Be in charge of safe and money and provide change to cashier when indicated
·      Count tills to ensure accuracy at end of shift
·      Make sure store remains clean and organized
·      Monitor temps and food waste – ensure documentation by all kitchen staff
·      Delegate and follow opening an closing procedures
·      Be first to arrive if AM supervisor and last to leave for PM supervisor.  Supervisors will need to complete a “Supervisor Daily Shift Report” at the end of their shift. 
·      You are in charge of your shift.  Handle little problems as they occur.  Correcting an employee should be done in a professional manner and in private.  All documentation of employee warnings, verbal or written must be submitted in the daily paper work, so if can be filed in a timely manner.  Counsel and coach employees as indicated. 
·      Keep a safe environment, shovel and de-ice in the winter months, keep spills and garbage picked up
·      Ensure employees are following dress code and have a clean/neat appearance and wear non slip shoes
·      Make sure employees hair is pulled back if necessary and hair nets are used per health code
·      Make sure anyone serving alcohol has completed their training and are 18 years of age or older
·      Notify appropriate person of any maintenance issues

Night shift:Never leave the parking lot or building alone.If someone is waiting for a ride, wait with them