Line or Fry Cook



·      You may be responsible for cooking tacos, frying fry foods or making various dishes.  Kitchen set up will vary from location to location.  Kitchen arrangement will be set upper corporate/management
·      You will be assigned daily to your designated area by the manager/supervisor
·      Electric fryer will have to be turned on to 350 degrees, maintain temperature of all fryers/steam table/coolers
·      Begin your shift with adequate supply of all food items and paper goods for packaging
·      You must use careful planning to cook products according to restaurant sales needs
·      Be knowledgeable of all recipes.  See Recipe Manual
·      Each station will have a cold well and a hot well.  See cold well and hot well sections for details
·      Follow FIFO to use older products before fresh products
·      Visually inspect products to ensure quality
·      All products must be prepared consistently every time in every restaurant
·      Stir products frequently and keep pans covered when not in use
·      Periodically weigh items to ensure portion control
·      Assist with cleaning as indicated during slow periods
·      Work quickly, efficiently and accurately
·      Prepare items in order, once you have prepared your item you need to clear it from the screen
·      Listen to your drive thru attendant/expeditors for special orders
·      Filter oil at least daily.  See fryer section for details